Telestration in surgical settings

Through collaboration with Anne Arundel Medical Center, I was able to research and develop a system for telestration in conjunction with the Bodies in Motion Lab at UMBC. This telestration system used the Kinect as a means to assist attending surgeons in instruction and help residents with laparoscopic surgical training. My main roles in this... Continue Reading →

Wearable technologies and older adults

With coordination with the Bodies in Motion lab, I conducted a study which examined the use of commercial activity trackers with walking speeds similar to older adults. This was my first solo research study done at UMBC, with an expected first-author journal paper coming out of it. I conducted the research study from beginning to... Continue Reading →


ASPIRE is a serious game meant for military personnel who are undergoing the Operation Stress Control and Readiness Training (OSCAR) program. This serious game is meant to help train those personnel to deal with a number of problems that soldiers may encounter within the field. This game not only presents a number of complex scenarios... Continue Reading →

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