One of the cool things about my past conference experiences has definitely been what is known as #CHI4Good. In this experience, people from around the world come together at this conference, and in a matter of a few hours, strangers from different disciplines tackle and try to solve a real world problem.  The two times... Continue Reading →

CHI 2017 Student Volunteer Experience

Working as a Student Volunteer at CHI was quite an eye-opening experience. I had attended CHI previously as an attendee, which allowed me the opportunity to attend a number of sessions and talk with a number of visionaries in our field. However, this year I had the pleasure to work behind the scenes, and have... Continue Reading →

ALE learning experiences

This project was done with UMBC in regards towards learning about qualities of leadership among undergraduate students. A lot of my work revolved around data analysis within SPSS which helped to understand how leadership qualities exist and can be developed among undergraduate students. An overview of the project can be seen here: AFCredux.docx (1)

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