FireFight was a project in which I did an ergonomic analysis of various tools that firefighters use, specifically checking how improper use of tools may result in injuries on the job. We specifically looked at three firefighting tools: the axe, the ladder, and the pike-pole.

hose pole

Working with SPSS ergonomic software
Working with SPSS ergonomic software

My first job was to properly simulate the stressors that many firefighters face when utilizing  these tools. In order to properly accomplish this, I first talked with firefighters at a local fire station. While I was not able use things such as live motion capture, I was able to capture their movements by using a camera with a decent shutter speed. I then modeled their movements in SPSS ergonomic software, to specifically see what parts of their body were under stress with these motions.

Upon completion of this, I analyzed this data and formulated a possible solution for ergonomically improved tools and postures. The data was later included in a literature review and has been submitted to the Ergonomics in Design magazine for further revision.

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